relax, it was just an april fools' day prank.

unfortunately, the BAA didn't think it was funny...

so their attorney filed a DMCA takedown notice claiming copyright infringement.

if you fell for it, fret not as you were not alone. check out the initial bait & hook, some stats from twitter & facebook and some comments posted around the interweb: if you want to show your support or just have a pressing need to contact me, use

meanwhile, here are some clues on how one might've noticed that the site was a spoof meant to poke fun at the BAA (ie, a "parody"), thus protected by US copyright law's fair use doctrine:
  • the date of publication, April 1, 2010, happens to be a common day for pranks of this nature
  • over 90% of the links pointed to a different website ( versus
  • the "Happy April Fools' Day" watermark over the BAA logo
  • the news item on the homepage stating: "HUNDREDS OF RUNNERS GET APRIL FOOLED BY SPOOF BAA WEBSITE"

finally, a walk down memory lane w/ some screen shots, since it's no longer April Fools' Day and i've taken the pages down: